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Allow us to introduce The Mux Informational: TMI is our free one-day conference dedicated to all things video infrastructure, where you can learn about the coolest things being built (if we do say so ourselves) and the biggest challenges, solutions, and more in the world of video and developers.


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Session Recap

Opening remarks

Ariel kicks off the day and officially welcomes everyone to TMI. It’s allll happening.

Keynote address: Mux as a platform

What does it mean to be a video infrastructure platform? As CEO, Jon has seen Mux grow from just an idea into a full-blown platform that powers video for some of the best businesses on the planet. Jon shares the Mux story, our philosophy for building great developer products, and our vision for the future.

Introducing Real-Time Video

The cat's outta the bag, people! Real-Time Video is here, and Phil overviews all the goodies about the product: how it came to be, what makes it special, and our roadmap to go from Public Beta to GA. And we pretty much cannot contain our excitement about enabling people to build on-demand, live, AND real-time experiences, all from one platform.

Real Stories from Real-Time Video

With special guests:

Real-Time Video! We think it's pretty great, and now we want to show you how it actually comes to life. Join Jenny as she chats with Joe Burfitt, CEO of Modyfi, and Brett Koonce, CTO of QuarkWorks, to see how they've already leveraged Real-Time Video to build some pretty cool things — and it may even spark some cool use cases of your own.

Real-Time technical overview

Join Matt as he dives into the technology underneath Mux's Real-Time Video and Studio products: Web Inputs. With Web Inputs, Mux offers a simple API to capture a web page and broadcast the output to a Mux Video live stream.

Going live is too hard

The artists formerly known as Stream Club are here to speak about the complexities of creating live video. It’s easy to broadcast using Mux if you’re already an OBS expert, but what about the rest of us? Stay tuned to learn more about what Product Labs has been building over the last few months…you’re in for a (another) big surprise with this one.

Mux Video roadmap

Mux Video was launched in 2017, and over the years, we’ve been humbled to power video for some of the best video apps and websites. In this talk, Ashok takes a look back at the milestones that got us here, while taking a look forward at what’s next for Mux Video and the Mux platform.

Captioning without complexity

We've seen that too often, it's hard to integrate closed captioning into dev workflows — even with commoditization of speech-to-text technology — because of time-consuming vendor evaluations, accuracy issues, and latency. In this talk, we explore these challenges, the tradeoffs between speed vs. accuracy, and why this tech is so important for expanding reach and allowing customers to consume video in whichever way is best for them.

Embracing CDN edge compute infrastructure

Looking to build better video security functionality? Longing for instant updates that will allow for the real-time mitigation of abuse? Ready to improve quality of experience through manifest manipulation? Learn how Mux Video is leveraging edge compute to do all of the above and make streaming experiences better.

Mux Data roadmap

Data is the foundation for building great video experiences — which is why we built Mux Data, especially for developers. In this talk, John reviews the moments that have shaped Mux Data so far and gives a preview of the exciting things we have planned next.

Modern stream-based integration architectures

Lots of things are possible with Mux. And with strategic integrations, the possibilities are even more... possibler? In this talk, Nidhi and Philip walk through some of the most interesting examples and architectures. From streaming views to Kinesis or Pub Sub, to sending data to Redshift, BigQuery, or others, and beyond: the world integrations are your oysters.

Building application features with Mux Data

It’s no secret we think APIs are pretty great, and we especially love when our community uses them to further their goals. In this talk, Dave walks through five unique ways to leverage Mux Data — from improving quality of experience with real-time CDN switching, to using viewer trends to revise video content, and much more.

Make the most of your data

Ready to improve your Mux Data usage? Steve’s got you. In fact, he shows you how to reduce the impact of ad blockers, run experiments and set view metadata more efficiently, and diagnose issues with advanced reporting features. Custom domains, session data, live stream latency, and more is covered.

Navigating "player"

Ready to learn about all things video player? Steve breaks down what a “player” is, shows you how to navigate the video playback ecosystem, and explain Mux’s position within it. He even shows you where we think the video player world is going next.

Designing a player for the context and UX you want

When it comes to your video player, there are loads of options. Christian explains why you want to be intentional in your selection of controls, position, color, and more — drilling down into specific goals and use cases, media types, and all the good stuff that goes with making your video player work for you.

Player roadmap and using Mux Player

Think of this as Mux Player 101. Dylan talks about our new Mux Player, giving you a sneak preview of the roadmap and why we think this uniquely Mux direction is critical for developers. He also walks through the private beta and showcases its ease, speed, and flexibility (all things devs enjoy).

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TMI was a blast. Let's do it again soon.


Who is The Mux Informational for?

Probably you! If you’re a customer, developer, product manager, partner, or anyone in that ecosystem — we’ve designed this from the ground up with you in mind as we delve into all things Mux and video infrastructure.

When did TMI take place?

TMI was live streamed from SF on May 24, 2022, and sent directly out into the vast internets of the world. If you missed it, that's a bummer! But fear not: you can enjoy the talks above and enjoy all the video infrastructure goods.

When is the next TMI happening?

Great question! We don't know yet. But because TMI was pretty dang great, it seems like a good idea to do it again next year. We'll have our people let your people know. Once we know.

These questions are all fine and dandy, but I have some other ones. Where can I get answers?

Drop a line to events@mux.com, and we’ll get in touch lickety-split.

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